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At first glance, the term cabling design might seem strange to many people. But every data center project offers specific conditions and challenges that must be considered in planning. In a new building, for example, the entire cable topography must be optimized with respect to the given attenuation budget. And when an existing system is extended, the status quo must be taken into account. In every case the goal is the same: efficient cable management.


Flexibility versus costs

Efficient cable management means dimensioning and organizing the cabling in such a way that future applications will run flawlessly during their planned lifetime – while minimizing costs and the number of resources. Thus, it is necessary to weigh the various options for fiber types, connectors, number of interfaces, routing solutions and types of housings and racks.

In addition, it is critically important to include reserves for greater data rates and sufficient flexibility. Issues such as the number of interfaces and connectors per channel depend on this. In all of these matters, we are able to keep an eye on the big picture and the current status of the latest standards.


Custom solutions are our strength

If it becomes necessary to make adjustments for special requirements or develop in-house solutions during the preparation phase, we can present various options and assess the costs and feasibility in each case. Our engineering and customer support teams work closely with the user to ensure that all the practical requirements are fulfilled and implemented in an optimum manner.

In the past we have been able to overcome unusual challenges for many customers – challenges that could not have been met with standard components. Examples are racks with a very small panel depth, project-specific switch cabling with high density and special versions of our PreCONNECT® Trunks. This is the kind of experience you will benefit from in your project as well.

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