1991 Rosenberger OSI is founded for the purpose of developing innovative fiber-optic cabling concepts for data communication.

1995 After completing its successful development we are the first company to supply multi-fiber OSI PreCONNECT® Trunk systems for cabling of data centers.

1997 Owing to the huge demand for OSI PreCONNECT® products, we expand our production capacity. The new factory in Hungary, OSI KFT, starts with production.

1998 We join the Rosenberger Group

2000 Rosenberger OSI presents PreCONNECT® Trunk systems with 144 fibers. We continue to develop our products, allowing us to increase our leadership position as a manufacturer of multi-fiber systems. Product innovations like the MTP®/MPO multi-fiber connector are the basis of our technology. Receipt of the first IBM FTS qualification.

2001/2002 To meet the growing demand, we expand our plant in Taksony (Hungary), resulting in a doubling of our production capacity and a restructuring of logistics. During this period we also move into our new location in Augsburg, providing optimum services for our customers.

2004 Development and introduction of the rugged Heavy Duty 600 connector system for use in broadcasting and industry.

2008 Rosenberger OSI becomes a connector manufacturer and launches volume production of SC, LC and MU fiber-optic cable connectors.

2010/2011 In response to considerable growth in demand, Rosenberger OSI expands its production and logistics facilities in Taksony, Hungary, by more than 1,500 square meters.

2012 Establishment of the service point in Frankfurt am Main

2013 Development of the PreCONNECT® PURE premium cabling system for greater security and higher performance in passive IT cabling, certified by GHMT.

2014 Further expansion of our logistics capacities in Taksony by 500 square meters. Establishment of the Sales Point North in Coesfeld.                                 

2015 Introduction of Compass, a new corporate structure encompassing core processes, management processes and support. Establishment of our European branch offices in France (Paris), Italy (Vimercate) and Sweden (Solna).

2016 Anniversary: 25 years Rosenberger OSI

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