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Rosenberger OSI labels cabling products according to fire protection classification

Cabling specialist fulfills labeling obligation in line with the new safety and fire protection standards

Augsburg, June, 21 2017 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative cabling solutions based on fiber optic technology, announces that the company fulfills the new requirements of the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR), taking effect as of July, 1st 2017.

From this date, all products  subject to labeling  including cabling products sold by the meter, but excluding pre-assembled cabling systems,  must be labeled appropriately.  The goal of the new EU CPR labeling initiative is to better protect people in buildings in case of fire and is valid in all member states of the European Union.

CPR requires all cables permanently installed in buildings to have been tested and labeled in respect of their fire behavior characteristics including safety and emissions. Data and communication as well as copper and fiber optic cables are affected by the regulation.

“In anticipation of the new regulation we   have been fulfilling its requirements for many years by harmonizing and completing our cabling products in line with the planned European and international safety, fire protection and health standards”, explains Thomas Schmidt, managing director of Rosenberger OSI.

Until now,  there have been different regulations at European and national level concerning the classification of cables which has resulted in different safety standards.  The new CPR regulation introduces new criteria for the classification as well as common Euro classes that apply to the entire European zone,  enabling a universal system for classification, evaluation and certification to be established.       

Buildings owners and expert planners will be responsible for  deciding  the appropriate CPR class of FO and CU data cables for the relevant installation environment in accordance with  their own risk management. As requirements differ Europe-wide, users will have to fulfill and test in line with specific local regulations.

Thomas Schmidt added: “As a manufacturer, Rosenberger OSI is already using the required and CPR approved cables and is also proving the traceability of the cable charges. In addition, we are not only labeling our products but the CPR class is also specified on every meter of the cable label.”

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